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ADVAIR DISKUS & ADVAIR HFA are prescription medications for asthma & ADVAIR DISKUS 250/50 is a prescription medicine for COPD.

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Product Information


Advair is definitely an fda-approved prescribed medication that's meant for allergies' treatment. It has the mixture of fluticasone and salmeterol which stops by calming the muscles respiration issues. The fluticasone contained in this medication obstructs substance's launch that activates irritation in an individuals physique.

Various types of this medication are meant for age ranges that were various. For example, ADVAIR DISKUS is regarding sufferers who're mature or FOUR decades. HFA is regarding sufferers who're mature and twelve years.

Dose and Management

The medication is created within the dose talents of fluticasone 50 mcg salmeterol and fluticasone 50 mcg 250 mcg 50 mcg salmeterol within the type of breathing aerosol or breathing dust. Having a minimal space of twelve hrs between every period mcg 50 mcg salmeterol is obtained orally twice each day for that therapy of COPD 250. This is actually as growing the dosage wasn't recognized to boost the usefulness, the optimum suggested dosage. After obtaining permission in the physician to remedy allergies nevertheless, possibly of the accessible dosages of Advair could be obtained but just.


It's a prescribed Allergies medication that may be each regarding grownups and kids. But. Medicos when long haul therapy regarding allergies does not display several impact on individuals only prescribe Advair. Additionally, the medication can also be employed for problems such as for instance COPD (persistent obstructive lung illness) including emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

In case there is lacking a and overdose how to proceed?

It's greater anyone consider the medication in the same period every day to prevent lacking any dosages of Advair. This can enable you to remember getting themed promptly. Miss the dose if it's currently period for that dosage that is subsequent. To any clinic, hurry regarding overdose instantly in order to handle oneself in the first.

Unwanted effects of Advair

Most typical unwanted effects caused by this medication are


Discomfort within the neck





Serious unwanted effects that attention that is instant is preferred are

Allergy symptoms

Modifications in eyesight

Indicators of disease


Difficult of allergies

Severe unwanted effects as a result of this medication is just a situation that is unusual. But possible is of the occurring if one uses substandard or phony tablet.

What medicines connect to Advair Diskus?

Particular medications that are anti-fungal like ketoconazole medicines like ritonavir, lopinavir and also called Norvir, or Advair can be very quickly interacted with by even the Kaletra. There are lots of additional medicines that may connect to this medicine. Medicines like fluticasone may also connect to Advair, which means you need certainly to notify the physician about all of the drugs you're taking-including every other prescription drugs, over natural items and the counter medicines in order to avoid any medication connections that are feasible.

Additional medicines that connect to this medication are zero-HIV medicine called Kaletra and Norvir, disease-like tuberculosis Diabetes problems. If you should be currently getting these medicines at the moment don't consider this medication. Next seek advice from the physician before starting your allergies therapy with this specific medication if it's essential for you really to utilize Advair. He must be additionally informed by you ORher about all of the medicines that you're presently getting.