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Migraine: how it works on neural level and natural ways to get relief from it.

Migraine is the disease of Nervous system, Though in the past we believed that migraine headaches were caused by changes in the blood vessels within the brain.

The major problem that happens with migraine patients is that their nervous system is too sensitive, as it reacts to normal stimulations with an exaggerated response. It can be triggered because of something you consumed, excess stress, lack of sleep or a change in the weather.

These triggers can vary from people to people resulting in migraine pain, as the sensitivity of the nervous system towards any of the stimulation resulting in exaggerated response vairies among people where some suffer from it on daily basis as per their lifestyle and sensitivity of their brain towards it.

Genetics Play an important part in migraine disease, as there have been known genetic defects who suffer from migraine pain.
These defects can be referred to the researches which has revealed genetic mistakes affecting how neurotransmitters are made, released, and inactivated. Therefore each individual inherits a mixture of genetic errors.

This genetic defect explains the broad spectrum of migraine symptoms and how migraine effects a lot of different parts of nervous systems among the patients.

Medicines such as fioricet for migraine attempts to neutralize the chemicals inside the brain which helps in reducing the exaggerated response which tends to relief the pain.

To buy fioricet you can consult with your doctor and get the prescription, then either you can buy fioricet online, or over the counter. But abusing this medication can cause feeling of depression when the effects wear off.

There’s another way to get relief from migaine and in some cases you can get rid of it, NATURALLY.

The answer to this disease which is related to sensitive nervous system is hidden in “AYURVEDA”. Ayurveda ‘word’ is a sanskrit origin language made out of two words “āyus ‘life’ + veda ‘(sacred) knowledge’”. It’s the ancient Hindu system of medicine being practised by sages in India from thousands of years, even before the modern medicine provided scientific evidence for the mind-body connection. This practise is based on the idea of balancing mind and the body using diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing.
There’s one document i found on a spiritual blog written by “Maria Hill“, she’s founder of this blog as well. You can refer to it, as it covers mostly about Calming The Nervous System With Ayurveda .

There are many more documents and tips about this spiritual and ancient “Knowledge of Life” On the internet, and in India there are many such places where you can be treated and cured with all kinds of bodily diseases “Naturally” using this same ancient method.


If you follow this ancient system, add it up into your daily routine, then it can greatly help you not just with migraine pain, but with all kinds of problem within your mind and body.